Hypersexuality, or when something is missing

Hypersexuality, or when something is missing
 On the problems of frigidity or impotence associated with the inability or lack of desire for sex, says a lot. But information about the opposite situation is extremely small. Many men on their path of life dream to meet a woman hypersexuality. Increased libido, hypersexuality, or among the female is not so rare. According to men, these ladies - the perfect lover. However, this feature is sometimes turns into a real problem.

Who are the nymphomaniac?
From Greek mythology known that nymphs lured men into the woods for fun and satisfaction of his lust. It is believed that the nymphs people owe the variety of poses and sexual techniques. Currently, two and a half thousand women - one can be called a nymphomaniac. But most of these ladies hide their addiction to sex because of fears that they will accept for sluts and ivzraschenok.

Causes of hypersexuality
The main cause of female hypersexuality assumed hormonal disorders in the body. Sometimes these are due to hormonal disorders and normal physiological processes. For example, pregnant women can also be found for this phenomenon. Other factors provoking hypersexuality, include: mental disorders, taking certain medications and some chronic diseases. Occasional bouts of nymphomania may be associated with wearing tight clothes - jeans or corsets.

Oversexed women can experience multiple orgasms bright. In some cases - enough to light stimulation of erogenous zones and orgasm can last more than an hour, with wavy character. Sometimes orgasm occurs at all in unusual situations. For example, a vibration motor of the machine or from falling water jet.

Pathology or pleasure?
On the one hand, this may seem like a good thing. Especially because hypersexuality woman - every man's dream. However, to enjoy such a fervent quality can be only in one case - if a woman desires coincide with the temperament of a partner. The problem may start when satisfaction after orgasm lasts long or does not occur, and the man already and can not listen to lovemaking.

Sexologists believe if hypersexuality does not prevent a woman lead a full life, then the deviation from the norm is not. But if the pursuit of pleasure has become an obsession, it may indicate a serious illness. In this case, you should consult a specialist to rule out the presence of a serious illness.

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