Hormonal analysis of love. The origin of the feelings of love and passion

Hormonal analysis of love. The origin of the feelings of love and passion
 When a man - the very embodiment of reason, for it there is nothing worse than suddenly in love with someone. After all, the feeling of love in something very similar to drug addiction. People experience unusual emotions and make strange things. Despite the reverse side of love - strong negative emotions, people continue to love. What causes a person to be given to the senses, and to do so in defiance of logic and common sense?  

Scientists have found that the perpetrators of romance and feelings of love are hormones. Strongest mixture oxytocin, dopamine, testosterone, estrogen and norepinephrine. The most interesting is that of the reasonable person, in other mammals if they are covered by the passion of love, produced by the same hormones.

The feeling of love cause hormones norepinephrine and dopamine. These hormones are produced and drug addicts receiving regular dose of the drug, and many animals, if there is present individual of the opposite sex. Researchers have proved that and addiction, and the feeling of love is the same specific activity of certain parts of the brain where the dopamine receptors. "Burning eyes", hyperactivity, insomnia, and a joyful expression on his face is a consequence of the action of hormones dopamine and norepinephrine.

The people were not in vain expression - "sick of love" or "love fever." After all, the rhythm of the body goes astray, and the person begins to behave strangely. Conjure images of a loved one, heart pounding hard, ready to jump out of my chest, disturbed sleep and appetite. Between Love serotonin level decreases, and oxytocin, the hormone responsible for emotional attachment increases. Therefore, the lovers are experiencing an increased need for tenderness, affection and attention from a loved one.

Male and female body produces various hormones responsible for sexual desire in the beginning of a relationship. Men produce more oxytocin, which is why they tend to tenderness and affection during this period. Women, due to the high level of testosterone, experience strong sexual desire and arousal.

Due to this hormone production in the initial phase relationship is established temporary equilibrium in intimate desires and needs of lovers. But when production of hormones stabilizes and returns to normal, the problem starts - men do not have sex, and women of tenderness and affection. Perhaps the nature of specially adjusted the hormones in this way, the pair managed to perform basic mission - procreation.

It looks like in general hormonal analysis of love. Of course, it is not complete. And probably even scientists will flash discoveries and find a universal recipe for love that can regulate the feeling. But as long as mankind loves the way our ancestors, obeying the instinct of procreation and the laws of nature.

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