Sex: Men are from Mars and Venus

Sex: Men are from Mars and Venus
 Sexologists in their research noticed that men in their sexual behavior are divided into two subcategories. They were divided into men are from Mars and Venus. What does this mean?

Each person is different in their preferences and behavior. Questions male behavior during courtship and sex study, scientists sexologists. They observed the general behavioral trends in men during sexual intercourse. There is clearly identified men related to "Mars" and "Venus" groups. The studies were conducted by American scientists at the University of Indiana. Some features are listed below:

Men are from Mars coarser as during courtship and during intimacy with a woman. Pronounced militancy instinct earner. Such men are more attracted to the weak and defenseless, fragile woman can feel close to them warrior defender. For such men is more important than sex, and feelings then.

Men who are closer Venus, more gentle and shy. They tend to be close to a woman of strong character. For such men feel tenderness play a greater role than sex. Sex with such men is very pleasant, as they devote much time courting, affection.

Differences preferences are studied over the years, come to a consensus scientists can not yet. The complexity of the research is still in the fact that such sensitive topics is not ready to discuss each, and many of the men surveyed complexes on any occasion and are closed by a frank conversation.

No matter which group is the woman's partner, a man should be treated carefully and patiently listen to his wishes and preferences. It is thus possible to achieve harmony in a relationship, it's not just sex, but also domestic relations.

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