Sex in the kitchen. A brief summary

Sex in the kitchen. A brief summary
 Nor for anyone not a secret that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It is also widely known that many foods are aphrodisiacs. Delicious food can encourage your man to the sexual exploits in bed.  

There is a certain category of women, which in principle does not know how to cook, and even openly proud of it. Sort of a fashionable trend of our time. However, culinary arts helps not only to improve the relationship with your beloved. There is even a term such as cooking therapy. The art of cooking will help you diversify your own world and will be a major weapon in seducing any man.

Certain foods increase sexual desire, heated passion. Among the stimulants is as simple vegetables like onions. Onion is very popular in many cuisines of the world, including in Russian. Feel free to add it to soups and main dishes. In addition to the benefits of love, this vegetable contains a lot of useful features.

Exotic fruits such as bananas and almost all types of citrus fruits, also are your helpers in the art of seduction. Citrus fruits have strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants contained in these fruits, protect the genitals, helping them to function flawlessly, and enhance sexual arousal and orgasm in both men and among the fairer sex. Regarding bananas, they contain the enzyme bromelain, which is considered a substance stimulating the male libido. Due to the high content of calcium and B vitamins (especially riboflavin) bananas contribute to the production of testosterone the male body.

Olives are useful for both parties involved in sex. They enhance the potency, kindle desire and increase the number of sexual acts. Green olives are useful for men. Women should prefer black olives.

But most importantly, preparing a meal, you are doing it with enthusiasm and love. Even the most simple food, cooked with a soul can work wonders. Learn to cook, it will be your advantage and a source of pride. Treat festive dinner not only loved, but your dear people and you will hear in his address a lot of good reviews.

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