Decreased sexual desire: what to do?

Decreased sexual desire: what to do?
 Decrease in sexual desire - a problem faced by many women. Some couples break up precisely for this reason that a woman does not experience pleasure from sex or to avoid it, it is not particularly interesting to her partner. Why do women have such problems, and how to fight them?

Unfortunately, very often the reason for the decline of sexual desire is a physical or emotional trauma. Rough partner, rape, childhood fears, sexual harassment - all of which can lead to a decrease in libido.

The second most common cause is menopause. Here to help can only use hormonal methods.

There are other circumstances that can lead to this unpleasant phenomenon. These include diseases of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems, vaginal infections, problems with the kidneys and liver, alcoholism, drug and nicotine dependence. Possible loss of libido in the postpartum period, as well as stress and depression.

The main symptoms are too small amount of vaginal lubrication, making intercourse painful and unpleasant. Women do not experience the pleasure of intimacy and tries to avoid sex.

To return the woman to the joy of sex, it is necessary to treat the cause. For example, if the libido is reduced due to diabetes, you need to treat diabetes. Under reduced level of hormones responsible for libido, hormone therapy is carried out. Perhaps the use of antidepressants, visiting a therapist.

However, only medicines is not correct. There is need for a comprehensive approach. It is better if the treatment will participate in both partners. This allows you to restore the emotional state of a woman to give her confidence. Seen a couple sexologist while conducting drug therapy gives good results.

Some experts advise partners to spend some time without sex. When the desire to wake up, it can bring a lot of fun. The main thing - tact on the part of the second half and determination of the patient.

Very often sexual attraction to a woman returns after rest. The sea, the sun, the lack of domestic problems and loving man next to rouse even the most secret feelings and desires.

Rudeness and selfishness partner, his unwillingness to know anything about the female orgasm and the characteristics of the female body can cause a decrease in female libido. In this case, the partner should be changed. Do not make yourself to have sex. A fake orgasms very harmful to women.

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