Bad sex: who is to blame and what to do?

Bad sex: who is to blame and what to do?
 "Sex, sex, as it is cute, sex, sex without a break" - that's how it is, in the words of a certain group of "Bachelor". Pretty cute. And sometimes that is not cute, and generally once a month with reluctance. Sex, so to speak intimate activity between two people, and if it is bad, and there are certainly guilty. But to admit mistakes, few loves, as a result, so nothing changes, that you see, and sleeping in different beds.

Good sex is pleasant, helpful and makes the link happiness of many families, not just couples. What happens if all exactly but on the contrary. There is disappointment in the process, a partner in the relationship. Outcome: either the problem is solved, and everyone is happy, or a pair of running away, and everyone does their own conclusions about the sexual relationship. In some cases, sex is bad? Divide the pair into two groups, the first - those who have it with a partner for the first time, in the second - couples of all ages.

Consider the first group - are simple and clear, the reasons for your negativity few:
• You just do not fit together sexually, you people of different temperaments and desires;
• you were not ready for a sexual relationship (this criterion is suitable for those who give up their innocence);
• psychological barrier - perhaps you have a personal alarm and the cake was the soul of the past relationship, and therefore, is not the time to have fun in this way;
• was not the atmosphere, not a place, not a conversation, not the time - it's from the opera "I touched his lips gently abalone, and he suddenly began talking about his ex-partner."

Who is to blame? Of course two. No need to rush to jump into bed if you want to not only continue the relationship, but also enjoy the process at all. Know each other, even embarrassing, but in a situation where both already know what they need from each other, feel free to ask about the behavior of the partner, what he likes and how. Let it awkward now, and not ugly and unpleasant sweat.

Now the second group - couples are very different reasons from the banal to deplete:
• all bad when one spouse is tired - physically, mentally, or without mood;
• «seized life" - the same bed, the same posture, phrases, the same music, light, champagne;
• Speaking of alcohol, sometimes it can be too much - undressed and immediately fell asleep;
• children, if they are small - they wake up, cry, require food and their needs are important, and more - they run, jump, look at the door (not always the same to make love at night under the covers);
• age relations crisis - a year (the first year of married life), 2-3 (birth), 5 (a woman working again and rotates in the community), 7 (all already established and quietly), 14 (physiological crisis );
• betrayal - a bad word, it serves as a reason for separation, and the reason for the Rapprochement who chooses how;
• appearance of each other - here and overweight, and the beer belly and worn robe, and a lack of charm perfume and nail polish. Aesthetics, no matter how much you do not love each other, it is still the place to be.

Who is to blame? It depends on the cause somewhere both somewhat by one. How to avoid negative feelings - remember the existence of the above items and not allow them to penetrate into the door of your bedroom, in your kisses, thoughts and feelings. Sex - it's just you and him, there is no place for quarrels, no claims, no pots, no fatigue. Enjoy each other and forget about bad sex.

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