You've never seen a man cry?

You've never seen a man cry?
 From his childhood in men raising the notion that they should not cry. And if they cry at all? Maybe when left alone, when no one sees ...

The phrase "men do not cry" heard as a child, probably every boy. Even if a wise mother did not say for certain about the Pope mentioned and grandfathers who have brought this statement from his distant childhood. This stereotype is so ingrained in their heads that saw man's tears, we think, "maybe it's a sign of weakness?". And that is why some women have never seen a man cry.

Yes, some men really never cry. This can be very calm and completely satisfied with their life people, but how many of you have met? More common option when neplachuschih men have a whole bunch of psychosomatic disorders, up to a stomach ulcer. And this could not be, if every man at the right time allowed himself to vent their feelings and thus get rid of them or weaken their influence. Another theory is that if the boy as a child allowed without restrictions cry, then later in life his mind will be much more resistant to stress.

Sometimes men cry only alone, but if the familiar man allowed himself to cry with you, you can be sure - he trusts you and is willing to open up completely. Rare representatives of the male population who are constantly whining and sobbing, not taken into account because they can hardly be called "men" in a global sense.

Of course, always a wise woman would understand if the man's tears and help the stronger sex with honor out of this unusual situation for him. And for this you just have to listen to people and try to understand it. The main thing is not to overdo it with the desire to help and care. In accepting the help of male and female approach is somewhat different. Women, in general, are waiting and willing to accept the offer of help. The man will fight to the last, he and the woman offered assistance can hurt him, because it looks like what it is considered invalid. Therefore, let the help that man himself asks, or offering her very gently, so that men had the right to choose.

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