Why men do not fulfill promises

Why men do not fulfill promises
 When a woman asks why men do not fulfill promises, I want to ask her a lot. For example, about who these men are and what kind of promises. Ask yourself these questions, get honest answers, and you'll be much less likely to meet optional men on their way.

What is wrong with men

Not all men are inclined to cheat in the promises. But there are women who are endlessly faced with male optional. Benefits from this scourge personality analysis optional men. Make a list of their common qualities of character. And then remember mandatory and reliable men. If there are none in your environment will fit kinogeroi characters or literary works. Write a list of qualities required of boys. Practice is to be able to explore the beginning to separate the wheat from the chaff.

What's wrong with the promises

Promises are "empty", "false", and are sincere and genuine. You should be able to distinguish one from the other.

Empty promises are rarely realistic. They contain a lot of words-parasites and words meaning doubts. "Maybe", "ever", "might", "if circumstances permit" - and other such phrases in the statement promises often talk about the uncertainty of the giver.

Sincere promises are usually quite simple and modest. They contain well-defined details and deadlines.

Compare the two phrases. One: "Maybe someday we went to Turkey or Egypt, unless, of course, allow the crisis (I did not get fired, there's not going to happen revolution and so forth.)." The second: "In the next month we're going to Antalya, time off from work." The differences are obvious.

What is wrong with a woman

There are ladies who live by the principle of "very happy to be deceived." They come up out of nowhere hints that a man allegedly wants to do something. Get married or buy her a car, meet friends or just to offer live together. These girls are probably not aware that men mostly do not know how to speak in hints. They are quite straight in their formulations. And it is better not to invent myself too much, so you do not "give up" in what you no right or promised.

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