Why men cheat

Why men cheat
 Treason is treason strife. And different is not the action itself 'going to the left, "and the reasons leading to it. Their analysis will make a woman on account of the conclusions of whether to try to keep the relationship which gave crack, whether something to correct their behavior, or it's time to change the fact of the wrong mate.  
 If a sexual relationship with a permanent partner is not a pleasure, do not bring satisfaction, become boring, it can serve as a pretext for treason. Temperamental and courageous men have mistresses (and sometimes more than one) as a source of new emotions, for the realization of sexual fantasies. In this situation, betrayal - a way to satisfy sexual desires.

A man may just fall in love with another woman. However, the same could happen with a married lady. At the same time existing relationships fade instantly turn into a low-value, forced, burdensome, and emerged love inspires, gives hope, it is the primary cause of treason and is likely to further decay outdated links.

Push to infidelity can and emotional meltdown, many conflicts, quarrels and clarify the relationship. Lack of understanding, constant criticism, humiliation - a great way to push into the arms of the man she loved more quiet, restrained and balanced woman.

Revenge - not the best excuse for infidelity, but he also has a place to be. Offended by a man in a fit of indignation and anger can answer treachery to commit adultery (resentment, betrayal). The desire to hurt regular partner often pushes a man into bed with the first counter.

The thrill, the danger of exposing only add passion during secret meetings with a beautiful stranger. However, this need to take the risk, get your adrenaline pumping, it is easy to replace the pleasure of the hobby, hobbies, sharing interesting lessons. After all, in fact, such a betrayal - it's banal escape from boredom and monotony.

However, men are changing for many reasons, most of which are not amenable to systematization. "Go to the left," or simply because of the interest, or yielding to provocation, or under the influence of alcohol, or even for a company with a friend. And sometimes the culprit may be a "bad" heredity, when the son repeats the pattern of behavior of his father, grandfather, brother. And if it happened - it's time to draw conclusions.

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