What to wear on a date

What to wear on a date
 Any girl can spend hours before a date to ponder over what clothes to choose to meet. Indeed, the further course of events will depend on what kind of first impression you make on the elect. So, what to wear on a date?

Wear clothing appropriate plans for the evening. Agree, dress for the theater and walking should be different.

If you decide to hold a meeting in the park, take care of comfortable clothes in which you will not be too cold or hot. In this case it is better not to wear high heels and mini skirt. You may want to sit on the grass, walk on the lawn under the huge trees, and this outfit will cause discomfort.

A good option would be a long skirt, does not hinder movement, or loose-fitting dress. You can wear pants, shorts or bermudas. Pick comfortable shoes, because you have to walk a lot. In the make-up is better to use waterproof mascara and shadows, to be sure, that even the wind, you look good.

If you go on a date in a restaurant or cafe, during the meeting, basically you sit at the table. The most important thing you should pay attention - this blouse or top, as well as hair, makeup and manicure.

You can wear a blouse with a neckline evening dress. Pick a dress matching accessories. Hair dissolve curl the ends or, conversely, raise up, showing the curve of the neck.

If you decide to go to the movies, you will be very close, probably relate to each other. If your problem is not quickly jump to intimate relations, avoid too revealing outfits, or satellite can see this as a call to action.

Pick clothes pleasant fabrics. You can wear a sleeveless top, which in this case would be the best of spicy. Use fragrant perfume that with proper application is a powerful weapon of seduction. However, do not overdo it with toilet water: a drop behind the ears, a bit on the neck and hands - more than enough.

When choosing clothes for a date, consider what impression you want to make the man, what a relationship with him expect. If this is a passing fancy with the desire to have fun, use exciting and revealing outfits, mini-skirts, decollete, stockings and heels. When the goal is long-term relationships, put the dress in which you look feminine, elegant, naturally.

Whatever the outfit, try to be neat. Clothing must be clean, comfortable, not wrinkled. Pick dresses that hide figure flaws and showing dignity. Clothes should not embarrass you and distract from communication.

Choice of clothing may also depend on the person with whom you are going to a meeting. Romantically minded young people prefer Woman feminine modest attire. And frankly, shocking and bright clothes it can be very scare.

Sociable and fashionable guy will like the stylish and unusual outfit girl. He certainly mark an interesting print on t-shirt, a suitable color of her hair, extravagant manicure.

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