What questions can not ask a man on the first date?

What questions can not ask a man on the first date?
 The behavior of men and women on the first date depends on how the relationship will develop in the future. It is particularly important to build up a conversation to get to know the interlocutor and at the same time not to offend his inappropriate questions.
 Not on the first date set man issues related to its work and the financial situation. Your interlocutor may seem that you are selfish and are interested in more money than they themselves, but it is unpleasant. Even worse, if a man would think that if he can not offer you a mink coat, a luxury apartment and an expensive car, you simply reject it. To protect the wounded pride, he will think of you as a woman unworthy and may wish to terminate the connection. In short, leave the money issues for later.

It is not necessary to ask a man what he likes women. In this regard, on the first date does not make sense: he just put a young man in a stupor and forced to choose between the standard expression "like you" honest and detailed answer. If a man may not be very resourceful and can not find the words that will suit you, the evening is likely to be damaged. By the way, we should not raise the subject and ex-girlfriends.

Try to make communication on a first date with ease. No need to hold the exam questions to a man throwing logic and erudition. He may find you boring, boring and overly demanding special. By the way, the same applies to the discussion of economics, politics, religion and so forth. It will be especially painful if your views on various issues do not come together, and the first date to end the conflict.

At the end, do not ask openly, you liked the young man or not. This question is too netaktichen and frank, and it requires a direct answer, which a man may not be willing to give. If you really liked his companion, he must find a way to demonstrate this. If he already knew that he would not pursue a relationship with you, it is unlikely to want to directly explain why.

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