The most common trap for women

The most common trap for women
 Women's trap - is artfully arranged network, once in that, the man did not immediately realize that was the victim of an insidious and carefully thought-out plan. As a result, the cooling in relations, grievances and omissions, loss of confidence, and sometimes even parting.
 The woman is not always says what he thinks. Moreover, please do not waste it on the flowers and gifts in any case can not be taken literally - if you do not will present a present, the offense will be very strong. In this case, carefully listen to the lady of the heart - if she asks you not to spend money on a gift, and buy some trifle, something never done. The result will be a charge that a man is greedy and calculating, inattentive and did not value relationships. Way out of this difficult situation one - you need to select the Buy-to give something really worthwhile, such a gift, which will not stand in front of any woman.

If your relationship came to a rather serious level, it is likely that women need to "reconquer the territory." It all starts from afar - it first begin to irritate your friends, then she opted for any one person, usually a man's best friend. And start a massive attack - she condemns his behavior, habits and lifestyle, laments the fact that communication with the person spoils man, etc. The calculation is simple - one gradually disappears from your life, and the object of criticism becomes the man himself. Cope with women's manipulation is simple - let her know that one appreciates her personality and appearance, it certainly flatter any woman's self-esteem. A man will be able to communicate with one another.

Women like to ask leading questions about their appearance, provoking men - never supported her argument that it's time to throw a bit of weight, go on a diet, his hairstyle, etc. On her part, such agreement will cause an uproar - hence, in its current state, it is not good enough and hairstyle she does not go, and generally where you could see the extra weight. Just do a surprised face and say that it is good just the way it is.

After intimacy woman likes to talk - do not show your lack of interest, but simply often tell her that she is wanted and loved. Not warm her interest, answering questions about how you liked best - woman necessarily uses your candor to get into a fuss and offense.

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