Secrets of tantric sex

Secrets of tantric sex
 Secrets of tantric sex is to combine spiritual and sexual started. Tantra teaches manage your sexual energy. In addition, the knowledge and practice of tantric sex let you move to a higher spiritual level and makes a variety of sexual life.

Partners involved in tantric sex, should aim not so much physical intimacy as spiritual unity. You must learn to feel the energy of each other. The practice of tantric sex allows partners to be liberated, to know each other and to achieve full understanding that, without a doubt, improve relationships and make them stronger.

Catching usual sex woman usually experiences a lack of satisfaction, or does not feel it at all. The man during ejaculation is losing huge amounts of energy. In Tantric things differently. How did engage in tantric sex?

First of all, tantra teaches concentrate on your breathing. In order to better tune to a partner, you must breathe in unison with him. His breath in one way helps posture, when a woman lies with his back to the man in his arms, knees can be bent.

Attention should be directed at each other. After aligning breath proceed to mutual affection, in which the required visual contact. You should look for a partner emotions, to feel it, to give each other the greatest possible pleasure.

During tantric sex is the study of each other. Watch the reactions of your partner caress, listen to your body. The goal of tantric sex is not orgasm as quickly as possible and enjoy the process of intimacy. Its duration is usually from one to ten hours. For acute sensitivity better deal tantric sex is not more than two or three times a week. You also can not deal with it immediately after a meal, wait until after the meal will take about two hours.

In the room where you are going to indulge in this kind of sex, should reign clean and tidy. To create a specific environment using candles, incense and music (you can listen to music for meditation, or nature sounds).

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