Relationships via the Internet

Relationships via the Internet
 Permanent employment, laziness and the prevalence of social networking and dating sites have made the business - a relationship over the Internet have become the norm in modern society. Love the network no longer seems strange quirk.
 Cyberspace today - it's a place where people spend much of the day. Work, listening to music, watching movies with the same interests and as a result, which arose on the basis of common ground sympathy. It can be friendly or may be complication for a romantic relationship.

Internet novels are interesting not for everyone. Most people prefer the old familiar "live", with a real person, not a retouched picture on your avatar social network. Lovers online passions are mostly girls and boys, whose age has not yet reached a 30-year mark. They are much easier to find a common language and topics of conversation with unfamiliar person, they are less shy and open to new people and experiences. What makes older people look for love online? Lack of time, limited capacity (persons with disabilities and people with disabilities easier to go to the virtual contact, rather than real), the desire to find a partner for one night affair ...

The Internet is difficult to tie a serious relationship. On dating sites, many in "goal dating" indicate time sex or a relationship without commitment. It is foolish to look for love in a sentence a man to sleep and forget about each other. Most likely, this Romeo on closer examination would "zhenatikom" with the experience. Such sites have been gaining in popularity among the convicts, who through the internet trying to establish personal life - turn the head of woman who is on the other side of the barbed wire to make it out of pity brought food, clothing and cigarettes. The danger of this novel is obvious, nonetheless there are girls who are ready to believe in the innocence of her lover, weekly wear casually convict transmission and faithfully waiting for his return.

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