Regular Sex: 10 arguments "for"

Regular Sex: 10 arguments "for"
 Sex - how much of this word: love, passion, tenderness, unbridled sex ... probably one of those things, the ratio of which has never been unambiguous, they ignored him and praised. Our time on this issue is no different from the past centuries.

Nowadays, no one protests against sex. On the contrary, comes the understanding that it is a physiological, natural human need. You can often hear that sex is good for health. But what is this good?

The following arguments are valid with the case of a regular sex (3-4 times a week), and how you need it, everyone decides for himself.

1. During orgasm in a human body are produced hormones endorphin and serotonin, also known as hormones joy. These hormones stimulate the vitality, improve mood, the desire for action. So that sex helps your vitality and vigor.

2. Sex replaces gym. During one sexual intercourse burns 150 to 300 calories, this is equivalent to 40 minutes of swimming crawl. Therefore, sex - a great way to lose weight. In addition, during lovemaking train many muscle groups, even those that are difficult to load with active physical activities.

3. Sex beneficial effects on the heart and protects against heart disease. This happens because of the hormones exchange between partners. Testosterone (male hormone) affects the strengthening of muscles and bones, estrogen (female hormone) affects the blood vessels. During sex heart works faster, and hence accelerates blood circulation. Good hearty circulation reduces the risk of myocardial infarction.

4. sex strengthens the immune system. During intercourse partners exchange fluids. This exchange promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria responsible with the body's resistance to adverse human factors.

5. Regular Sex promotes rejuvenation. This occurs because of the endocrine glands. Pituitary, adrenal and parathyroid glands, the ovaries in women, prostate and testicles in men with increased work intensity that promotes faster cell renewal tissues. Once the skin is updated more quickly, so it looks younger, slower and less wrinkles.

6. Sex excellent remedy for pain. The body produces endorphins, has analgesic effect in any kind of pain, from the head down to pain in migraine.

7. Sex promotes good sleep. This again is due to produce endorphins, they cause a person a sense of relaxation and satisfaction. Relaxation, in turn, leads to sleepiness. Agree, satisfied and relaxed person is sleeping much better than others.

8. Supporters regular sex less often catch cold, get sick with influenza and other infectious diseases. In the blood of people immunoglobulin A content of 30% more than their opponents. This contributes to greater resistance to various viruses.

9. Status of hair, teeth, nails also improved with regular sex. Various hormones are set in motion, their level increases, which has a positive effect on a person's appearance.

10. Finally, the sex - it's fun. Satisfied people are much more confident, physically active, strives for new challenges, is more attractive to the opposite sex.

Of course, trust this information or not - a private matter, but they should not be neglected. Surely everyone felt the heady burst of energy after sex. So have sex, have fun and improve their health.

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