Mouth of the castle, or what men are silent

Mouth of the castle, or what men are silent
 Men have their secrets and do not always talk about intimate even with their wives. You can live with her husband for many years, but did not know what really on his mind.
 Men can vary in nature, and this is reflected in how and what they say. If they are talkative and open communication, it will hardly be deterred from the woman he loved any secrets. The degree of love also plays a big role, sometimes forcing a man to tell everything. And yet there is something about not everyone will tell.

Most men avoid talking about how many women they had actually been and how long lasting relationship. This kind of protection that allows them to create any image that they only want to: desperate male, from which "thrilled hundreds of women," or modest intellectual "canny". Only really love a man talk about his past, if asked, and even then not always.

It is unlikely that you will be able to know what your strong half talking with your friends. There is such a thing as a "man's talk", which can be discussed anything: women, football, fishing, his attitude to something, etc. This is not to say they prefer their wives or girls, because they believe that they they still do not understand.

If a man has sexual problems, in 99% of them you will not know until you're in the same bed. There was nothing to do, have to trust your instincts and just feelings. After all, sex - does not always determine the link in the relationship.

How to find out from a man of his secrets? The first thing that you were with him very close. Knowing that a woman will not go away from him, a man can tell her anything. If your partner is always silent as a partisan, try as much as possible kindly ask him to say something personal. Try to convince him that asking just out of interest, so as not to "push" from itself. And sometimes even better to have remained secret secrets. As they say, "the less you know - sleep tight."

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