Lessons of seduction

Lessons of seduction
 There are many stories where a woman could seduce any man she met on the way. One need only recall the great Coco Chanel. If you also want to be able to charm a man a glance, a half-smile, and so on, have a long train. Your weapon can be your voice.

Quite often people talk about communication eyes and soul. Psychologists believe that about the character of a person can tell his voice. It's amazing how just intonation can change the meaning of what was said, turning to compliment hurtful words and vice versa. Therefore it is very important to understand how you sound.

Many have heard that women love with their ears. However, men are also not averse to listen to the voice of his companion. Tone of voice can ever win the heart of even the most resistant bachelor. But what sound pleasant strong floor, and what is not - an enigma.

It is said that deep voice sounds the most passionate and sexy. This sound is often called "velvet". A woman who has a voice in a man causes a storm of emotions and desires. And all because that sounds available and confidently.

You can easily arouse desire in a man, if voiced aspirated. In this case, it does not matter that the interlocutor said. Even the most steadfast man would dream of continuing this conversation ... in a secluded location.

But a woman with a high-pitched voice must take care of yourself. The fact that the piercing notes which may sound in your speech scare men. They remind him of his youth and inexperience. The only situation where a high voice will be on hand of the fair sex when on her way to meet a man, father, protector.

In that case, if you are the owner of a loud and rather sharp voice, be very careful. The fact that you are likely to try to control the situation, which turned out to be. Do not forget that most men love to dominate. But "mama's boy" will be happy, if you meet a girl.
Try to explore yourself, your voice. You may be able me his tone depending on the situation. Then every man will be.

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