Is it worth it to fight for love

Is it worth it to fight for love
 It often happens that the object of the passion of love does not share your feelings, treats you neglect or indifference, does not leave any chance of a common history. Some people prefer to go to the end, and someone "let go" situation.
 Fighting for love means to put pressure on the person in one form or another. Men tend to seek love girls, they are often long and persistently maintained. By nature, man - a hunter, he sets goals and goes to them, overcoming all obstacles. In this struggle, they see the meaning of life and succeed only the strongest and most durable. Women's notoriously indecisive nature and quiet - she will not run for a man seeking reciprocity, she prefers to keep a sense of self-esteem. The exceptions are the ladies of all active and accustomed to seek their own - they break the family gone foreign husbands make unhappy children. Subsequently, however, the law of equilibrium returns to their seats - they are left for a new hobby, often with a small child in her arms.

Fight for love should only external factors - circumstances, situations, interfering parents, relatives, friends and rivals. Only if there is even the slightest spark of mutual sympathy can expect a happy outcome of this struggle. If you try to build your happiness on the ruins of a stranger, you broken family life, nothing good will come of it.

If the object of your passion banishes you openly mocks and scorns, leave the vain attempts - this is not your destiny. Relive this difficult period with dignity and hope for the future happiness - all must be. And this situation has been given to you as a punishment or as a lesson. Remove their favor, clear eyes with rose-colored glasses and realize that adults rarely change their preferences.

Stories with happy end - the struggle for an existing love. If you are in the position of the wife or husband, that changed and your family for several years, have children, joint life and the same passions, the fight. Happiness and stable psyche of your children are all these superhuman effort, you can make fighting for your husband or wife. In the life of couples there are different situations, so strive to keep what is, in fact there may not be anything.

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