Intimate life and harmony of temperaments

Intimate life and harmony of temperaments
 Temperament - is one of the most important components of any relationship. That depends on it, what kind of character will take your interaction with a man. If temperaments couples harmony with each other, the relationship between the two lovers will be stronger, including intimate.

It is extremely difficult to find the pair, in which there was complete harmony of temperaments. The fact is that women have a period of maturation occurs much earlier than men. Usually libido appears in adolescents 12-13 years, gradually begins to increase libido. Then - from 20 to 35 years - began a period of sustained sexual desire.

In recent years become very frequent pairs with considerable age gap. For example, it 18-19, and she - 26-28 years. This is due to the fact that women only at this age reach the level of attraction inherent in man. Young people in this age wants to have sex almost 24 hours a day, so he needs a woman who wants the same. The couple, of course, is not a good chance to get married, but as lovers they are perfect for each other. She - experienced and mature, easily teach him all the tricks in bed. And he - a young and temperamental, ready for various experiments.

Also, there are couples where the man is older it 30-35, and it - 18-21. Just as in the previous example, these people are perfect for each other, because it is not so hot as before, and she needs tenderness and care, besides, his advanced age will be a guarantee that a man will be a good support in the future life together. Most often, such partners and obtained a happy family.

But, in addition, there are several types of temperaments: strong, weak and average. They can be distinguished by physical characteristics. Take, for example, man. If the body is profusely covered with hair, do not hesitate to attribute it to the strong type. These men are able to have sex in a few days. To the average type of men are usually short, their body is also quite hairy, but not as much as the representatives of the strong type. They are fairly regular sex life, but not as intense as the previous representatives temperament. By the weak type are tall men slim build, with blonde hair. They usually can please his beloved in bed a couple of times a week.

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