In the supine position

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 You would think that having sex in a prone position - boring and uninteresting? Absolutely nothing! Despite its simplicity, the missionary position is one of the most popular among women all over the world. If you prefer the classics - this is something without which it is impossible to do in bed. But even for fans desperate experiments in this position can find its own charm.

Missionary position - probably the most classic of all possible poses for sex. Man on top, woman lying on her back. It is ideal for first sex or for lovers who are just starting to know each other. Here there are kisses and pats, and you can look into the eyes of the partner as much as necessary. However, women achieve orgasm in this position is not always possible. Vaginal stimulation occurs at such an angle that the strong excitation occurs only at the beginning of intercourse when was allocated is not enough lubrication. After a while start to erode and Feel stimulation requires some other method.

Do not think that to achieve orgasm in that position at all possible. For the "sandwich position" if desired, can be significantly upgraded. Its main advantages: the ability to see each other and closer emotional connection between partners. But in order to experience such feelings do not necessarily lie still. If you put the woman under the waist small pillow, you can change the angle of insertion of the penis and achieve greater penetration depth. And this alone can cause unexpected and lovers have a strong ecstasy.

A great option lying posture - the so-called "military posture" when a woman puts his feet on the shoulders of men. You can achieve maximum penetration and proximity effect there is increased many times over. Persons partners in this case are close to each other. Variations and duration depends on the woman stretching and strength of men, but in this position the woman to reach orgasm is not absolutely no difficulty. In addition, when a man keeps feet partner, he deviates from its body up, which allows additional clitoral stimulation.

Incidentally, it is possible not only lying on its back, and stomach. Some women do not like squatting position due to too strong and active movements of men. But if she lies on her stomach, both partners get the most pleasant: he - enhanced stimulation head of the penis, which can only reach a position from behind, and she - a gentle massage and penetration point G.

If you like posture in the supine position, but can not figure out how to give each other even more fun, do not hesitate to have sex in new variations and the way you like it. After making love - a process that involves two, and only in your power to make sure that both of you were good and comfortable. Experiment!

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