How to learn to take a person with all faults

How to learn to take a person with all faults
 One of the main factors of a successful relationship is a compromise between the partners. This applies to all, including deficiencies. The more you know the person, the more flaws you can see it, and need to develop the right attitude to them.
 Perfect from all sides people do not exist for the simple reason that the idea of ​​how to be a man, everyone is different. What do you think unacceptable may be perfectly normal for other people. You are not the ultimate truth, which defines how to live as partners, and which are not - you just want to make your relationship more comfortable. Taking this as the starting point, you will be much easier to perceive shortcomings partner.

Get rid of the irritation that causes you partner. Focus on those aspects that are its positive qualities. Man can not consist only of the disadvantages, each has its pros and cons.

And yet, the relationship should be comfortable for both parties. Talk to your partner. Tell him about your worries, designating them as issues that require joint solutions. In no case did not go to irritated or aggressive tone, maintains a calm tone. Line up your line so that he realized that, in principle, you are all well in the relationship, with a few small exceptions. Tell us about its advantages, and only then go to the annoying drawbacks, which are a fly in the ointment.

A good step would be to tell you how you appreciate what he does for you. In most cases, deficiencies do not require much effort to fix, because people just do not know what they are. If necessary, create a joint plan of action to correct them. Of course, such a scheme is possible only in the case of a sincere and open dialogue, and then make an informed decision.

Use compliments to help partner corrected. With this tool, you can help him cope with virtually any complexity, as if to speak to Correct Defects - you give him a good indication that his efforts were not in vain. Getting out and feeling that his actions, he makes you feel relaxed, man is capable of much more than the change is not receiving feedback.

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