How to fall in love again

How to fall in love again
 You were married for love, your sense of beat over the edge. But over the years of co-existence is somewhere evaporated. If even a glimmer of hope for the revival of love, it is worth trying to return the old passion and love again.
 The easiest way - to get back to basics. Take a walk along the places first dates, see the same movie, during which you first kissed, sit in your favorite cafe once. It's a refreshing feeling - memories, nostalgia for youth return a romantic mood.

Try a new look for her husband. When constant contact is difficult to see what happened to him changes. Look carefully, perhaps he developed new interests, new outlook on life. Maybe he changed his style of dress or manner of speaking, and you do not even notice. Analyze perhaps your "new" husband again will you have passionate feelings. It is said that an old love dies only when the new comes. It is possible that there is much truth.

If you kill a feeling disadvantages of a loved one, try to correct them. Yes, they were always there, but at first you do not attach importance to them. It happens that over time they begin to have not just annoying, even enrage. Talk to her husband, he should try to understand and eliminate the cause of irritation.

And of course, there is nothing that refreshing feeling, like parting. A small, up to a month, it is able to show how much still strong your feelings as you love each other. To rekindle the fire of love cooled down, go to the resort or on holiday with his girlfriend. Yes, no matter where, as long as separately. Suggest my husband to do the same. Both leave the family nest for a while. So you get bored and wife, and in the home. A short separation will help you to understand their own feelings and make the right decision.

Ways to return the love abound, it is important to only one thing - whether you want it really is. If you feel that all is lost forever and perceive her husband as a neighbor, nothing happens. And if somewhere deep down still smoldering flame of love, go for it - and a sense of flare anew.

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