How to educate men

How to educate men
 What normal woman does not dream to get the perfect man? And if this does not find it, it is taken to educate someone who is nearby. If we can not change a man completely, then at least a little work on it you can.
 Impact on man - a real art. Not every woman is given. Yes, and psychologists are constantly being told that you need to educate children up to three years, and then it's too late. But let us disagree. A wise woman knows what and when to say, how you look and ask to have its own. And it's not necessarily screams, scandals or tears. They are definitely effective methods, but must be used with very small portions.

The most effective way - praise. Play in the men's ambition, his vanity. Tell his beloved that he is the most-most, the most intelligent, the kindest, most generous. What are you extremely proud of him. That no one will ever be able to compare with him. How smart people say that there are no bad men, there is a bad wife, who can not sculpt a real man. The Perfect Man - is the result of long and laborious female labor.

Love your man, think of it the way it is, just point it in the right direction affection. Be gracious to his weaknesses and shortcomings. If you choose it, so it was for that, then you have something looked at it. Do not try to limit its independence, otherwise he would have an active opposition. In gratitude, he will try to please you and achieve new heights.

Be flexible and do not forget about feminine wiles. It is not always necessary to go through. Stand back, you see, and wait out, and then go to the other side. Men do not like scandals, so they are closed and try to keep quiet. And if their reproaches drive into the corner, the explosion can be very powerful. And a man in anger is terrible and sometimes dangerous. If your partner is an aggressive type, it is necessary to prevent such outbreaks in the beginning, otherwise it is possible to grow a tyrant. For a man that is configured for a serious relationship, you need to be a preventive conversation. If not understand it, and this is not required.

Difficult to recover from a mama's boy, they are spoiled and firmly attached to the mothers. That is necessary to educate in-law and her husband. And it is practically impossible. Husband - an independent man, not a child, so not too zealous with care. Be a woman, not a mother.

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