How to choose men

How to choose men
 The choice of a life partner - one of the most important steps in the life of a woman. From the correctness of the decision depends half the battle. Therefore, the criteria for selecting men quite definite and logical.
 Observe the behavior of her lover, and the least important of his words about the future. Pay attention to how it applies to you here and now. He performs with you the traditional male function: is for you heavy bags, opens the door and lets Whether you forward? If he does not think about it, say so.

Ask him about his family. Questions about the health of family members are considered indecent early on dating, but it is important to find out the truth as soon as possible. Interest and its relation to his parents, especially his mother. Subsequently, this pattern of behavior, he will take you.

The interests of its financial situation. It is not always paramount, but it is very hard to live with a man who is unable to pay for an apartment, rented or own. As a result, you have to work for two. Whether you're even a very strong woman, a long time your stamina is not enough, sooner or later, your fatigue will end the conflict.

Choose a man out of his circle. Equally difficult to live as a colleague, and with representatives of other professions. Of the two candidates, choose the one who does not say, "You do not understand me."

Most likely, with a colleague, you will have more understanding. But do not jump to conclusions: spending all day together, you quickly weary of each other. Leading several joint cases give each other rest. For example, from time to time to friends go apart.

Your chosen should be education about the same level as you. With a master's degree in psychology, you can hardly find a normal topic of conversation with the graduate GPTU. In addition, the direction of your education should be about the same (human, technical, etc.). In an extreme case, you should have at least a superficial understanding of each other's way.

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