How to behave in bed emergency

How to behave in bed emergency
 Sex can become not only a source of pleasure, but also cause a variety of bedding injuries. If you love happened emergency, do not panic - all fixable. However, to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to know the rules of conduct in the following situations.

1. Break the frenulum of the penis

Delicate skin fold connecting the glans and foreskin of the penis can break due to lack of moisture or simply a woman's vagina due to rough sex. When you break the bridle in place of injury you need to make a sterile cotton wool soaked in some antiseptic. The fracture can heal itself, but it's better at the first opportunity to visit a urologist. Sometimes the injury site formed scar tissue, which is why the elasticity decreases bridles and rupture can happen again. To fix this problem will help a ten-minute operation under local anesthesia.

2. Involuntary contraction of the muscles of the vagina

With some species of vaginismus in women during sexual intercourse can occur spasm due to which the member becomes impossible to pull out of the vagina. The woman in this case, affect the situation can not. Therefore, in the event of such a problem should immediately call an ambulance. Woman making a shot anticonvulsant, and muscle unclench. It should be noted that cases of capture of the penis into the vagina is still very rare.

3. Fracture member

Most often break tunica penis (a medical term for a penis fracture) occurs in a pose "woman on top". Injury is easy to see - even a small protein shell damage causes severe pain and decline erection. When you hear the crunch of serious injury. Due to fracture a member may be very large and blacken. Attach the injured body ice and call an ambulance. In the hospital to fix it. By the way, even with a small swelling should go to the doctor, to on-site injuries did not arise scar, which can later cause pain during erection.

4. The ring on the penis

Some men because of erectile problems using special devices, pinch the base of the penis. Cock Rings of sex shops, created specifically for this purpose, it is quite safe. However, the use of any handicraft accessories, like a metal nut, very dangerous. If a member has swelled, and the ring can not be removed as soon as possible, call an ambulance. This is not a situation where be shy. As 4 hours after the development of edema of the penis begin to die.

5. condom breakage

If a condom breaks, a woman in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies need as quickly as possible to drink extra contraceptive Postinor example. Reduce the likelihood of contracting the disease, sexually transmitted, help antiseptic, such Miramistin. Only we must act quickly - no later than two hours after intercourse. The first thing to urinate: urine wash away part of the pathogens from the urethra. Then you need a good wash genitals with soap and water. Thereafter, an antiseptic solution to be processed and genitalia area adjacent thereto. At least with a special applicator bottle to enter into the urethra a little antiseptic solution and hold it there for a few minutes. After 2 weeks, visit venereologist to accurately verify the absence of any disease.

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