First date: the secret of success

First date: the secret of success
 The first date is an important event for everyone. The success of the relationship will depend on the foundation, which will be incorporated in this first meeting. The first appointment will be continued, if you call a person of interest, and the development of relations in the forward direction in which you wish.

Important role on the first date, communication plays. Therefore it is necessary to think about the topic of conversation. If you want to generate interest in the interlocutor, talk about it and that interested him. This version of win-win. However, try to avoid questions about salary, position. All of this can be explained later.

Because all people appreciate their beliefs, it is necessary to make sure that people understood that his and your view of the many things the same. For example, if the phrase slips that your partner appreciates punctuality, tell me what you do not understand people who are always late.

Both the first and the subsequent dates need to be able to control the conversation. Often we do start talking to a dead end, instead of open-ended questions asking closed. For example, the man asked why was chosen this institution, you will encourage it to further conversation. Questions like: "Do you like to study there? "- Factory conversation to a standstill.

Interlocutor show sincere interest to you, if will understand that you can not only keep the conversation going, but listen carefully. Also, try to repeat the gestures, facial expressions and movements of the partner. You do not need a full backup. Behave similarly only in general terms.

Active listening skills is that a person of few words about yourself, but always made it clear to the partner, as the interest for him. The fact that he did not just listen silently but actively encouraged. This creates an atmosphere of trust and people closer together.

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