Sexuality depends on votes

Sexuality depends on votes
 Sex appeal of a person depends on many factors, and not least the voice. People have long noticed that there is a certain tone of voice in which representatives of the opposite sex "flock", like bees to honey. Not so long ago a study was conducted which confirmed this observation.

University of psychology at New York City was the venue for one interesting study. On the psychological faculty tested how voice affects human sexuality. It turned out that a certain timbre is able to provide its owner a perfect success in sexual terms, leaving far behind factors such as appearance, dress sense and the "right" to behave.

For the experiment invited both men and women. It was found that very often a man with an attractive appearance are also very sexy voice. Women in the experiment involved a variety, were among them, and beauty, and the fair sex with normal appearance, with a variety of hair colors and had different sizes of clothing. It was found that men preferred a certain tone of voice in which they were inclined to regard certain women very sexy, even before there was a real meeting. In this case, the opposite effect was observed: after the personal meetings, if a man likes a woman, her voice sounded as sexy and alluring.

Researchers from the University believe that the degree of sexuality voice depends on the blood levels of hormones. For women, it is important the presence of estrogen, and for men - androgens. This is the hormone responsible for sexual desire in both sexes. If they are okay, then the person will be sexually attractive, and his voice takes on a special meaning.

The researchers also noticed that if a person has a regular sex life, the amount of hormones in his blood returned to normal, he becomes sexually attractive, and the voice is also spreading. However, this effect is markedly reduced in those who were inclined to abuse of alcohol or cigarettes.

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