Sex without love: why is dangerous

Sex without love: why is dangerous
 As it happened in your life that you do not always meet their soul mate. And the real true love - not a frequent phenomenon of life. A physiological requirements laid down in each of you Mother Nature. Therefore, for a long time no one is surprised that the majority of men and women having sex without love. Stubborn showgirl says that 60% of women and 95% of men, as it is sad, but enter into an intimate relationship without feelings.

Often, neither men nor women are not able to think: what the consequences might be of their little weaknesses? And it is safe to have sex without love?

In the pursuit of pleasure, sex and boredom you just spewing their negativity into the environment and increase the world's evil. This point of view is Eastern philosophy, but that in fact it turns out that way! Our sad joke says, "Lonely Woman acquainted with a single man to create a lonely child." Who in the end is good from such intimacy?

Many lovers of freedom argue that it is their own business, when and with whom to sleep. And insist that sex is good for health. It really adds to the health of such contacts? It's no secret that promiscuous poses certain dangers. There are a whole bunch of diseases, blossoming after so close ... and this is just one facet. Yes, almost all sores have learned to treat.

The other side - you are sure to enjoy the fun and relaxation of sex without love and commitment? Everyone knows that good quality sex depends on the ratio of partners to each other. Without love or even liking it is unlikely you will get the same powerful pleasure as if it had been intimate with someone you love. The result - a disappointment, depression, it you want?

There is another side, which is much more unpleasant past. Never noticed some inner emptiness and a heightened sense of loneliness after such sexual contact without feelings? You are left alone with wild disharmony in the soul. Would be near a loved one - there would be no sense of loneliness. By the way, women will still be preoccupied with the idea that spending the time to communicate with the unloved man, she missed her true love. Well, if a woman falls into the category of people who can laugh at their mistakes and walk through life on. And if not? Here already and psychological counseling may be required.

For each person the need for sex is individual. Much depends on the outlook, build, metabolism, hormonal levels. Of course, if you aspire to emotions, new impressions in any way - then have sex as much as you want and with whoever you want!

Only time each person wants to be in his life was a mutual understanding, honesty and sincerity, reliability shoulder. How it is possible without love? Here then comes the revaluation of life values, and attitudes toward sex without love is fundamentally changing.

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