Diversity in intimate life - this is important!

Diversity in intimate life - this is important!
 Lovely intimate life - the key to a strong relationship. Naturally, we are talking about a family in which there is love. Sexual life should bring a lot of pleasure to both partners, it does not depend on how many years they lived together. Passion is able to attract and keep a man a woman, this should always remember.

Diversity in intimate life - this is important! Many young people today believe that their parents did not have diversity in sex and have lived together for several decades. This is the biggest misconception. People who do not have diversity in intimate life, not live together for a long time, because no matter what they say, but for couples sex - is the most important aspect of the relationship. If the intimate life of a full order and satisfaction - and then the differences were smaller. After all, a man and a woman in need of full sex, and if it is not within the family, it means that there will be lovers.

Is it proper for elderly couples to buy in a sex shop obscene toys? It is! If you so desire, both partners - then what are we talking about? All that is like loving couple in bed - it's their own business, and therefore, the conviction is excluded. Very well, when the partners can tell each other all their most intimate sexual fantasies, knowing that they will receive support and full readiness to fulfill them in response. Do not forget about sex immediately after the wedding. It is clear that there are many other problems: for example, damage to the machine, or rearrangement of furniture, but intimate life tends to fade. Both partners need to understand that in the marital bed is nothing indecent or shy. After all, this only you know, then what a shame!

In order to be your sex have always been vivid and memorable, remember the following:

1. Pay particular attention to kiss, because for many women - it is an important aspect of the relationship.

2. You may use ice for foreplay, he will only strengthen sexual desire.

3. Do not forget the sexy clothes and lingerie, it will lead your partner.

4. A woman can master the technique of strip tease and seduction. After all, for a man it is important that its second half looked tempting.

5. And most importantly, do everything wholeheartedly, because acting in bed sooner or later be revealed, and it will be offensive to a partner.

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