Different social status

Different social status
 "And played a magnificent wedding Prince with Cinderella, and then they lived a long time in love, peace and harmony." Unfortunately, this only happens in fairy tales. It hurts too great a difference in the social status of the characters. After marriage royals consisted mostly by calculation on the basis of public interest. In reality, this would be quickly reminded Prince, what is his duty. Well, what if the guy and the girl, who seemed to like each other, even loved, different social status?
 Can the family life of people with different social status? This question is impossible to give a definite answer. Because of different social status implies, as a rule, the difference in everything. This means that the man and woman were brought up in different circumstances, have received different training and education. They, accordingly, a large difference in the habits, manners, interests, values, etc. And it is fraught with serious problems.

Firstly, even if the holder of a higher social status did not boast of their superiority, if he really loves his partner, a person with a lower status is still at heart will experience some discomfort. It will pursue the idea: do not look at whether it is the background of his lover funny defective. In addition, the opinions of others can play a cruel joke, because some people may think that this is a marriage of convenience.

Secondly, the difference in social status may simply interfere with communication people. If that guy close and clear, for example, is little known and uninteresting girl, named after some time will simply have nothing to say to each other. So it is not wrong the people who say with conviction: "The strongest marriages between natives obtained from the circle! »

On the other hand, there are examples where marriages between people standing on different levels of the social ladder, obtained a truly strong and prosperous. Despite the significant differences in educational level, tastes, interests, habits, and manners. Therefore, if the lovers have for one another strong, sincere feelings, the difference in social status should not frighten them. As well said by the ancient Romans: «Omnia vincit amor! "-" Love conquers all! ".

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