Dating on the Internet: How to avoid disappointment

Dating on the Internet: How to avoid disappointment
 Social networks, dating sites - find a new circle of friends on the Internet is easy. However, this issue should be taken more realistic, because not all such correspondence can lead to romantic and serious relationship. No need to take the first interlocutor as a future partner in life, then to not be disappointed and do not grieve about failed love.
 Need to take a sober look at the online chat

Even if a new acquaintance seems incredibly interesting person, it is worth remembering that the conversation can lead neighbor grandfather, who entertained retired, or snotty teenager having good literacy and erudition. Fall in love in absentia - it's like to fall in love with a fictional character created in fantasies and dreams. And it is not known whether this coincides with the image of a fictional reality.

One meeting is able to wipe out a year of virtual communication

It is necessary to always keep in mind that a person can absolutely not like in reality, because "there" it is different than in the correspondence. Any person communicates differently in real life and on the internet. Boring bespectacled accountant chatting may seem a real superhero. Nobody argues in his heart he could, and such. Only now looking "live" on the humble and hushed Internet gentleman, you can pretty much give up. Sometimes it is enough just one meeting to clearly understand that man is completely uninteresting. Virtual interlocutor for all correspondence send smiley, but a real person experiencing these feelings, which are reflected in his eyes, facial expressions, gestures.

Or maybe better to use video conferencing?

It so happens that fast meeting is simply impossible. New virtual interlocutor may be at the other end of the country or even live abroad. In this case it is possible to agree on a videoconference. Thus this man can be seen firsthand. However, the real meeting tighten yet it is not necessary, because the video calling - it's only forced out of the situation.

Despite the many subtleties of communication on the Internet, do not neglect the opportunity to socialize and meet interesting people in reality. Just stands take it easy, do not Attaching great importance to new acquaintances, enjoying an interesting conversation and new interlocutors. In real life, people also do not expect new acquaintances something unusual and fabulous.

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