Blinded by passion

Blinded by passion
 You have recently begun a torrid affair, and you are fully immersed in the maelstrom of passion. You are nothing and no one will notice all your thoughts are on the beloved and how to quickly get close to him.
 Passion threatens you with dismissal

Suddenly erupted feelings prevent you focus on the performance of their professional duties. Thoughts on the beloved prevent the annual report, and talk on the phone - distract from the performance of the chief indications. Colleagues are touched first, then hint at the fact that it is time to work. As a result, your love "deafness" starts to irritate not only them, but also the chief. "Calls on the carpet" do not help, because you are much more important to have time for a date than to conclude an agreement or come to the meeting on time.

To fly with a bang not a job, learn how to keep his feelings under control in time. Learn to wait - in the evening you will still see a loved one, it is not necessary because of the extra five minutes to talk on the phone to disrupt an important deal.

Love "fever" robs you of the ability to take a sober look at the shortcomings of the partner

"Rose-colored glasses" passion put your lover only in a favorable light. He's the best, gentle, loyal, intelligent and beautiful. Even his greed, laziness and carelessness you perceive as pragmatic, extreme fatigue and positive approach to problem solving. Eventually, when the ardor of passion starts to subside, you look at it with different eyes. Start scandals, quarrels, insults and innuendo ... It will take a little more time, and you ask yourself the question: "What do I do with this man? ".

So try the outset relationship does not deprive a sober mind and the ability to really look at things - so you will save yourself from disappointment in the future. The man slept with all your friends and now courting you? Do not expect that to you, he suddenly becomes monogamous and will offer you a hand and heart after the first night. Most likely, it will go to the conquest of new "peaks" and you will be left with nothing.

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