Betrayal - not a reason for separation?

Betrayal - not a reason for separation?
 Adultery is always difficult to move, whether you are a man or a woman. Some couples get divorced, having learned about the betrayal of a partner, others - decide to save the marriage. It all depends on the circumstances of the betrayal, the ratio of a traitor to his act.  
 Even from a purely negative events such as cheating spouse, you can make and something positive. Life experience is given to man is not in vain, and we need to use the bitter lessons of fate, to continue to not repeat the mistakes.

If you really love her husband overcome his anger and rage, deal with the situation. Men change not only in the event that they do not have physical intimacy. The wife may itself create such an atmosphere in the family that the husband will look for warmth. If he finds understanding and sympathy somewhere else, these relations in most cases lead to sex.

But every traitor there are reasons and justification for his action. What is the worst thing, and sometimes it's the lack of attention on your part, and a lack of understanding, and your constant excuses from marital sex. If you are going to marry, you should tune in advance life together with a man, think about the joint leisure.

When you are facing the fact of treason, bite your elbows too late, you need to decide how to correct the situation. My first thought would be an option of divorce, but do not rush to collect suitcases. Listen to the spouse, if he repents and asks to save the marriage, consider this possibility. It will have to rebuild your entire life together, let it more tenderness, affection, trust and joy of communicating with each other.

You can forgive a traitor only if he regretted the deed, according to his betrayal of you. After all, if you doubt the man and live on the alert, nothing good will come of it. Tell her husband firmly and calmly, "I will not tolerate such an attitude to ourselves, we must part, if adultery again."

Eliminate boredom and discouragement in your life. Engage in some kind of sports, such as riding on roller skates or bicycles. Think about past hobbies that interest you both. Maybe you loved fishing and fire moonlit night? Listen to the wishes of the partner, learn to enjoy the pleasure of intimacy.

Sami brought something new into your sex life, be bold and uninhibited.

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