Affair with the chief

Affair with the chief
 You can fall in love in anyone and novels at work in today's time is no exception. However, special attention should be paid to the situation where you are in a relationship with his immediate boss, because the affair with the head, too, has its pros and cons.  

Firstly, you should immediately prepare for the fact that your relationship will be discussing the whole team, not in the best colors. There is nothing you can do about it: people are so arranged that they are terribly interested in what is happening in the lives of others. Can still crawl rumors that you supposedly specially seduced chief for what to use his position. In this case, you will need to keep calm and restraint, and it is best to simply ignore and not to spoil his mood this. Moreover, that it may be partly true.

 Another drawback of the novel with the head may be that your partner will feel mostly in everything: in choosing a place to relax, to view the movie or a specific range for communication. On the one hand, such an attitude some may like, but if you focus on equality, then talk to your man and convince him that the personal life and work must be separated.

His marital status, if your boss would be married, will be the most recent fat minus. So in addition to all these inconveniences, you'll still mistress that all holidays and weekends are left alone. In addition, men rarely leave the family, so there you expect not much to see. Add to this the fact that the novel end sooner or later, and you will not be easy to be run under the supervision of her former lover.

Pros same novel with the head obvious and somewhat more than minuses.
 To begin with, even before we enter the stage of a close relationship, you can easily find: Married whether your boss, if he had any children. It is common practice to work usually such information possessed by each employee.

In addition, the team knows the character, habits, preferences, your boss, so you will not be difficult to seduce him.

Given that the job you always come to the perfect dress and full makeup, pay attention to very easily, and do not let him go for a long time.

A significant advantage is, of course, no unnecessary emotions. You do not have to call and wonder what and where does your choice, because every day you will be able to meet him at work. In fact, you'll always be around.

Affair with the chief guarantees you an interesting dialogue, because people working side by side, in any exists at least several suitable topics for conversation. Also, you will have common friends and acquaintances among colleagues, so you will be able not only to spend time alone with each other, but the rest with them.

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