6 taboo for cuteness

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 Some attractive women often complain of bad luck in his personal life. Perhaps this is due to the constant repetition of the same mistakes that prevent them to show their true charm.

The lack of smiles and vertical crease between his eyebrows did not paint even the most charming girl. There is hardly a man who would have been nice to see on a daily basis frowning face of his beloved, and strangers, as a rule, do try to avoid contact with sad or irritable individuals.

Unkempt appearance

Never allow yourself to walk around the house in elongated robes and go to bed with black circles due to poorly washed off makeup. Attractive woman would not allow himself ungroomed appearance: her hair, skin, manicures and pedicures should always be in perfect condition. Not necessarily go to extremes, as long as the body was clean, well-groomed, fit and dressed with taste.


Some women mistake is to consider any interesting man as a potential husband. And it is equally true both for single members of the fairer sex, and for those who have already found a mate. In communicating with ease grasp, do not try to check on each opposite effect of its attractive charms. Flirt with several young people at a party fraught with inevitable loneliness.


Tights in a large grid, high heels, miniskirt and deep cleavage - a standard set of Hollywood vamp who allegedly are queen of men's hearts. In fact, this outfit soon attract those looking for entertainment for one night. In addition to that - no chewing gum, scarlet lipstick combined with bright makeup, colloquial expressions, etc.


A really attractive woman has a personality. Therefore, drawing flies, like Cindy Crawford, eyebrow shape, like Marlene Dietrich, hairstyles Pink, copy cutesy style of Marilyn Monroe, etc. often looks ridiculous and absurd, and sometimes even repulsive.

Gossip and envy

If you are inherent in both of these qualities, it is better to leave them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will avoid even the closest people, and men are unlikely to want to associate with you life (unless, of course, they are not the same and envious gossip). Stop being a magpie that brings all the details on the tail of someone's personal life, otherwise you will easily become the object of gossip. Learn to celebrate victories of other people, because it can be an incentive for your own achievements.

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