Women umbrellas: how to look stylish even in the rain

Women umbrellas: how to look stylish even in the rain
 Virtually every woman is committed to ensuring that look stylish and attractive at any time and under any circumstances. How often it is hampered by the vagaries of our weather - the wind, scorching sun, and that the most offensive and unpleasant rain. Indeed, in rainy weather have to take an umbrella, which takes place in a bag, and in the spread of elegant appearance does not give. But this situation can be corrected. The correct choice of ladies umbrella turn it into an original accessory and help look stylish even in the rain.

Start selection of ladies umbrella with his models and dimensions. There umbrellas can be divided into two completely different categories: folding umbrellas and walking-stick umbrellas. Each of them has its advantages. Folding umbrella you will easily fit in a handbag, and he will take up little space, especially now that are selling very compact models in three or more additions. If you want to add their own image of style, even in the absence of rain, prefer walking-stick umbrellas. With this accessory you will not go unnoticed.

Now let's talk about colors. At the height of fashion umbrellas are patterned on the inner part. This can be anything: a sunny sky, exquisite flower, cartoon characters. This drawing will delight you, because looking up, you will not see the gloomy sky and bright print. With regard to the external colors of ladies' umbrellas, here, on the contrary, are considered fashionable 'quiet' colors: gray, beige, milky, pastel colors. Latest figures such as a cell, characters, oriental motifs, small flowers.

As you can see, the choice of ladies umbrellas large and diverse. Every woman will find among fashion umbrellas that love for her. Finally I would like to advise to have not one, but several umbrellas of different colors and patterns. So you can pick them up to your clothes and every day look unique!

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