The trick is done!

The trick is done!
 Not so long ago a decent woman thought to be impossible to go out bare-headed. Hats were not only a fashion accessory, but performed and different function: have been part of the traditional costume. Times change, but the cap does not lose its appeal today.

Unfortunately, some time ago hat was undeservedly forgotten. But in recent years the popularity of hats is gaining momentum - it regained the status of a stylish accessory. This happened without the involvement of designers seeking new ideas to the retro trend.

Nowadays hat not only accentuate your personality, but also give confidence to create an image giving a sense of completeness. That's why choosing a hat, it is necessary to take into account the clothes, in conjunction with which you will wear it. Of course, we can neglect any convention, because the combination of incongruous, an element of kitsch in creating the image is now especially popular, but for such experiments need to have a certain amount of courage and self-confidence.

As strange as it may sound, but it matches the shape, style and color of the hat is able to reverse the image. Only the hat is able to emphasize the dignity of face and figure as a whole, and can even hide some flaws appearance. The most inveterate ladies hats and admirers know that wearing a tall hat, you can visually enhance the growth and lightweight hat with huge fields will focus on your slim figure.

Known for a fact that the British Queen Elizabeth II in the locker room has more than 500 different hats in shape and color, as the Queen - she believes - can not go out without a hat. In Russia, the owner of the largest number of hats was Lyudmila Gurchenko hat collection that captivated its finesse and a certain bohemian.

This fall, designers offer to replenish your wardrobe cozy suede hats made of felt. These hats decorated with ribbons, matched in tone to the material from which made itself hat. Come into fashion hats "Cloche" takes us back to the 20s of the last century - they are quite possible to decorate with rhinestones brooches.

Wear a hat or not up to you, but if you want to keep up with fashion, do not miss the chance to show off to her friends new stylish accessory - a hat.

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