Most large bags of the season

Most large bags of the season
 Small handbags and clutches are giving way to large-sized bags, and this trend is understandable. After all, great accessories not only roomy and comfortable, they look great in elegant female hands or in the crook of the elbow.
 Fashion big bags of this season can be divided into several categories.


Trunks are rigid and form a reliable lock, moreover, the space therein, usually well organized using inserts and sewn compartments. In addition to short handles such bags have an extra strap adjustable length. The most relevant sacs made from natural shades of skin, but do not neglect the accessories of bright colors.

Bag Torba

It is shaped like a duffel bag and tied with thin straps. But in spite of this form, bags look very elegant, especially if made of embossed leather "python" or "crocodile". This bag will perfectly complement not only a business suit, but a cocktail dress.

School Bag

This is an indispensable option for a business lady. Despite the simplicity and brevity of form, this bag emphasizes femininity of its owner. Especially if it is decorated with buckles, straps and fur inserts with tiger or leopard, so popular this season.


It fastens with a zipper and due to its shape allows you to really accommodate a large number of women needed items. Very popular plain leather bags in bright colors and with a print textile or leather inserts.


This is truly a great bag combines silhouettes sac and bowling-bag. Most often they are used in travel, but are becoming increasingly popular in everyday life. From her travel bag features a large number of decorative elements - massive lock and clasps, buckles and straps, the insertion of contrasting color, fringe and even application.

Bag in box

It is a common accessory simple geometric shapes placed in the holster. It can be made from knitted fabric, leather or other shade of woven material basis. The main condition - the product itself should not completely hiding cover.

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