"Marsupial" mood for summer

 As before everything was simple - put on a cotton dress, straw hat, picked up a string bag and went to pretend to be a lady of high society. As for shopping bags of course I'm exaggerating, but agree that ten or twenty years ago to choose a handbag was much easier. And as such, particularly the choice was. And what now? You can get lost in all kinds of brands, new collections and design refinements. Let's make a small promenade through the most interesting and fashionable handbags this summer.

First of all, pay attention to the large size bags. Convenient - wherever you met, everything will be under your hand. Beautiful - and this can be seen from afar krasotischu. However, as you with the bag in his hands. Plus there can shove anything. Best suited extravagant ladies who are willing to break at any moment in the most unusual journey, because in such a "purse" readily fit a swimsuit, towel and windbreaker. There also possible to push all the necessary cosmetics, cream and mosquito karemat. And it really is absolutely nothing extra! If you decide that this is exactly what you need, feel free to direct his gaze toward the bags«MCM».

However, thinking about this brand, you can immediately tell about another trend this summer - patent leather bags. Yeah, this season promises to be not only hot, but also bright. Suppose white lacquer one of the bags«MCM» looks great with both classical models of clothes, and a bright summer dresses. With such a large and comfortable bag is especially good to go on a long journey - as it will begin, and ... Well, there you probably expect plenty of "painted" adventure.

We certainly do not crow, but this summer, pay attention to all brilliant. Varnish - is just the beginning. But gold, silver and bronze - the continuation of last season. Shoes, clothes and, of course, play a handbag bright glare in the sunlight. Now everything looks expensive, attracts attention. It does not matter, this is a classic evening bag the size of a pack of cigarettes or a sports backpack, which fits half the stadium "Dynamo" - all designers agree on one thing: the precious metals is never enough! Therefore, they are not afraid to mix - for example in one of the models polusportivny«Y-3 '. Well - you can throw away the doubts and boldly go to shop for new clothes. Or climb up to the mezzanine to get a silver baby that you bought last year - this trend is a long way out of fashion.

All girls love flowers, but not everyone admits it. Summer - a time when you can open your love to the world. This requires only "flower" bag«D & G» or something similar. If your soul bright colors and summer - favorite time, feel free to choose a handbag with a floral motif. By the way, is now in vogue and "vintage" colors - into a fine printed flower is not very bright colors. If this style is closer to your soul, then you can safely buy your favorite accessory - will not go wrong. This will only allow you to create a more romantic way, even if you are not dressed in a full skirt with flounces and a light blouse with cuffs "bell" and jeans.

By the way, are particularly suited to jeans trendy bags with colorful prints, such as new collection«Gilli». Figures show others allow your light playful mood. And what it is - you can choose yourself. What will it be - hearts, elephants, dogs, ducklings or fairy tales? You decide. But if you're sharp, sports, and live in the fast rhythm of the metropolis, this is the best choice for you.

By the way, this summer in the city returned to the animals. For example, in vogue again include handbags leather reptile. This elegant, glamorous and comfortable. And let the defenders of wildlife say that you can not kill any innocent creature. While designers believe that it is fashionable - can not get away from undue cruelty. However, there is always a choice - you can choose cyclamic bag with a texture similar to a snake - for example firms«Luella». Although natural snakeskin pastel shades with wooden details handbags «Borbonese» looks much more spectacular. But it's you - that you more: fashion or "Greenpeace".

Complete our review as I would like the most versatile models that will suit everyone, always and for everything - bags with rhinestones. For example, new models decorated with crystals«Bracher Emden» are not just an accessory, and create an image aspect, because you no longer need any jewelry. Bright, cheerful, really summer handbags will sparkle in the sun, reminding spray droplets. Do you think that most attracts the eye in hot weather? Of course, the water! And with such handbags make you look fresh and desirable to others - all in a spray of happiness.

As you can see, this summer gives you the opportunity to stand out and create your own mood for the whole season. And may then say that the bag - only addition to the image. Often, this accessory makes your style, that's why it is so important the correct accents.

Author: Bolotov Lelia

Tags: summer mood