How to tie scarves

How to tie scarves
 The most simple and affordable accessories modern clothes are, perhaps, handkerchiefs and scarves. Having in her wardrobe at least a couple of colorful scarves and tying them each time anew, you will always be able to emphasize their individuality.  
 Ways of tying handkerchiefs - it unlimited scope for creativity. Here are simple ways.

Fold the scarf along the axis. To do this, take over its opposite ends, and alternately stack the two sides toward the center. Should get a band width of about 5 cm. Now wrap the scarf around the neck, after which crisscross the ends and pull them forward. Trim the ends and tie a knot under the chin. Shortly move the handkerchief so that the angle was a bit on the side. Make a double knot and tweak dangling ends. This method is called by the French. If you want to tie a scarf thus under her blouse, then the node leave the center.

Blends perfectly with the neck node harness. Take a handkerchief, then stretch the width and keep its corners. Begin to fold each edge to the middle, leaving a strip of 5 cm. Tie a single knot at first, the short end of which should be on top. After that miss the ends of a scarf around the base of "snake". Simultaneously, one end turn to the right, and the second - to the left. Tips hide under a handkerchief, and the resulting hangings effectively straighten.

Ideal to the collar of her blouse, and a low-cut dress at a node in the form of a square. Fold the scarf along the axis as described above. Place it on the neck, so that one edge is considerably longer. Long end put on top of the short and slide down, forming a loop. Pull the long end through the loop up and align the unit. Repeat the operation once again, but this time pull out the long end through the other side. Then both ends drop your back and tie securely. Expand the scarf so that the node is exactly in the center front.

Popular among women node is a cowboy. It is also suitable for low-cut dresses or open collar shirt. Fold the scarf diagonally. Attach it to the neck, crossing over the ends. Make them the same length. Get both edges ahead and make a double knot.

Good refresh blouse with a conventional collar elusive node. Again, fold the scarf in the form of a narrow strip. Place it around the neck, so that one end was much longer. Wrap the long end of a short time around and place it on top. Now please create long end up to the neck and thread through the loop on the neck. Finger pressing the top node, pull the long end and finish the loop. Tighten and correct node.

In addition to these most popular sites, you can come up with your own. And then the same thing every time decorated with a fresh, original and will look stylish.

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