How to choose a women's wallet

How to choose a women's wallet
 Surely everyone, without exception, a person has a purse or wallet, purse, Coin and their younger sister - business card holder. Unlike men, who when choosing a purse prefer strict design and dark color products, the women in my wallet does not see just the thing for storage and easy carrying money, but also a beautiful stylish accessory.  

The first thing to consider when buying a wallet - it is his size. For example, if the wallet is too small, you will not be able to place in it all your money, both large and small, as well as credit cards and business cards. Big purse just uncomfortable to wear in her purse.

There are also purses, equipped with compartments for keys and cosmetic accessories. This option is ideal for women who prefer to keep everything in one place. If you intend to wear mostly just credit cards and money, look for a small wallet with compartments for money, cards and maps.

Pay attention to the internal compartment of the purse and zipped pockets for storage, such as large bills to pay at the store behind you in the queue buyers did not see them. The number of sections in the wallet is not limited. On sale purse with compartments for even a passport, checkbook, driver's license, travel documents.

And the presence of separation with a transparent plastic little window to accommodate your photo or someone from the next of kin is a nice addition. In addition, on the back of the photo, you can write your phone or address, so that in case of loss you can easily find it.

For optimal selection of women's wallet on the following criteria: maximum functionality, the preferred size and stylish design. Color and additional external characteristics, choose according to your taste.

For women who prefer the classic style, quite reasonably necessary to choose an elegant and rigorous wallet of light or dark leather, without a bright finish. Romantic woman vice versa perfect wallet with bright print, the original drawing and ornaments.

Selecting the appropriate wallet, check the quality of welds, both external and on the inside. Do not buy a product if the seams are taped and the skin does not cause you trust. This wallet will last you a very short time.

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