Happy Hours from Carrera y Carrera

Happy Hours from Carrera y Carrera
 Carrera y Carrera was founded as a jewelry company in 1885.. After the decoration of the house came to the world market and gained popularity among deafening vip-persons, the brand began producing fine watches.
 With the release of the first "watch" collection was bet on the business-woman. Of course, the company made the right decision in choosing - it was a woman who can afford expensive jewelry, luxury watches interested in handmade. This collection is called «Tempus Fuqyt». Hours presented there, soaked in strict form, but it is not devoid of femininity. The dials are absolutely all models have a rectangular shape, each of them shows a company logo. Watches of this collection can be divided into two groups: minimalist thin straps with a large dial and a large model of an expensive alligator.

The following collection of «Avalon» intended romantic young ladies, girls, whose main motto - femininity, always and everywhere. Dials purchased round and oval shapes, the brand name engraved ornate font and decorated with monograms figures and floral designs. Models-class arrows decorated with real diamonds. These watches will be the perfect accessory for flirty image with flowing locks and chiffon dress.

Extraordinary the fair sex enjoy collection «Pulso Jewelry Watches». Designer watches, each model which is unique and attracts the eyes of others ... Making their beneficial echoes a similar collection of jewelry. Traditional "crocodile" straps diluted bracelets made of natural silk in bright colors and dials acquired bizarre shapes. Diamond arrows profitable look framed white and pink gold and glass is made of sapphire. Watches of this collection is often Hollywood actors give their husbands as a sign of love and devotion. And really - is a woman's heart is able to resist such beauty?

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