Glasses and fashion

Glasses and fashion
 Points were first introduced in 1275, but only in the middle of the last century, they have ceased to be medically necessary and become worthy accessory. Since then, their role in creating the image acquired a status that can not be underestimated.

Points - is synonymous with glamor, and the leading fashion houses enjoy a true fashion show, which showcases new and new collections. The most famous fashion designers in the world work hard to find unexpected and original solutions. But only with the advent of contact lenses space for their creativity has become a truly limitless. Strengthened appointment glasses as a fashion item. And though this accessory is almost lost its applied nature, it is still associated with intelligence, dedication, reliability. How confident European fashion, glasses will be even more important supplement to a business suit, they have a successful negotiation, and so - and to the overall success.

Do you want to change in the image? Your elegant frame will be the focus, the finishing touch is a must have for the birth of a new image. You are - a meaningful, compelling look from behind his glasses. Fatal beauty, business ladies and flirty ladies will appreciate the exceptional power of the latter.

More recently, his eyes covered almost weightless tiny pieces of glass, dressed in stunning metal frame, covered the floor or face massive glasses with wide temples, and now recommends a fashion unobtrusive design.

It is unlikely that this definition is suitable for the rim, its shape copying ski, and yet it is also in fashionable people in favor. Try it, and immediately become like a movie star, just with the flying snow-covered peaks of the Swiss Alps. Points in a wide plastic frame suitable for lively parties and graceful - even without eyeglasses or with a very thin bezel, ideal for office. Yes, fashion is now exclusively democratic. It does not insist, but only a delicate whisper offers to be a little more attentive to the different frames, which can further accentuate your appeal.

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