Do you wear a hat?

Do you wear a hat?
 Only some hundred years ago, no self-respecting woman could not leave the house without a hat. Hats were for all occasions - for each day on the way out or going to church. Now this undeservedly forgotten headdress became familiar refined taste, impeccable style and a custom view of the everyday fashion.
 If you have never worn a hat and thought it was - the lot of an old neighbor, do not part with his straw panamkoy even in the rain, it's time to reconsider their views! After hat emphasizes your personality, focuses on the beauty of the face and draws attention to the figure. And that is why the choice of the cap should be approached with great responsibility. After all, a bad hat, wrong color and strange breed can turn any woman of the ladies in vulgar flower girl.

When choosing a hat, think with what outfit you wear it. Combines whether shoes, bag and suit with a hat you liked. If you are short, give up a huge hat with a wide brim. In some cases, they may look impressive on a petite woman, but if you doubt your abilities designer, best not to purchase too three-dimensional model. But at high ladies wide hats will look great.

Not only growth, but also the type of person plays an important role when choosing a hat. If you have a round face, give up the tablets and small panama. But hat with upturned margins will look perfect on you. On a slightly elongated, thin face perfectly overcame a hat similar to men, as well as asymmetric model.

Any hat obliges its possessor to look perfect, it adds the image of femininity and sexuality. But do not overdo it with style and material model. Velvet hats with feathers suitable for evening long dress. But in the public transport in such a headdress you can take for a freak. A simple straw hat, along with a "village" flowered sundress emphasize your youth and grace. And with the trouser suit and strict pins it will look at least ridiculous.

Do not be afraid to wear hats. Start with the classic models, and you will feel like straightens back, gait is free, and look deeper. Give yourself the opportunity to feel like a real lady.

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