Buying nylon stockings: Tips and Secrets

 Nylon stockings - one of the most enduring fashion trends, which remains popular for several decades. This garment is not only seductive female legs clings and protects them from the cold, but also perfectly complements the stylish ensemble.  

While some women still prefer to wear garter belts, most still too busy to bother with these small items of clothing. As a rule, modern women choose tights - they are comfortable and perfectly fit into any style of clothing.

If tights we appreciate the convenience and simplicity, by what criteria should be chosen nylon stockings?


How to pay for your favorite pair of nylon stockings - it's up to you, of course, if you are not strapped for cash. With a strong desire and a small amount of money can be found stockings for a dollar or less.

However, buying these nylon stockings, you should not rely on the brand or high quality. If you choose stockings according to this criterion, note stockings Leggs (about $ 5 a pair) or Woldorfs (as much as fifty dollars per pair). These brands are characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio, of course, depending on your needs and requests.

Other reliable brands of high quality mid-range - Hanes, Round the Clock and Jockey for Her. A pair of nylon stockings or tights of these brands will cost you five to fifty dollars, depending on the style and material. Designer nylons can be found in boutiques (eg, Donna Karan, Christian Dior and Calvin Klein) and large department stores.

Brand name

Although the label on the stockings is less important than their style and quality, some women when buying this sensitive subject is paying attention to the brand. Many are loyal and trusted brand buy stockings only known to them manufacturers.


As is known, the quality of tights and stockings depending on their material. Some hosiery made of transparent materials, and others - from opaque, matte finish. There are even different levels of density, which is measured in the DEN.

In the afternoon we recommend wearing transparent tights, as in daylight dense tights seem to be too dark and unnatural. The main drawback of nylon stockings is that they are easily torn. In the evening, best to wear thicker tights or stockings.

Also note the hosiery with supporting effect - these socks are especially suitable for women who spend all day on their feet.

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