Women's belts: how to choose and what to wear

Women's belts: how to choose and what to wear
 A well-chosen women straps help to effectively complete the image, place the color accents and enhances waist. They allow you to decorate even the most modest attire.
 Wide belt has for many years enjoyed great popularity among women. He emphasizes the graceful harmony girl. When this accessory not forget that its size should fully comply with the circumference of your waist. Otherwise it will be either too wide, it looks the part is not very impressive, or you will not be able to fasten it on themselves. These straps are matched to loose clothing, blouse or tunic. And wear them only at the waist.

If you can not find a suitable size wide belt, stop for a belt-gum. He is a kind of wide belts. Its main difference is that the limited size of this particular belt has not. If over time you will lose weight or gain a little bit, the size of the belt is still right for you. In addition, you will be able to wear this accessory as complete with a very subtle things, and together with the warm, thicker clothes.

Narrow Strap - simply irreplaceable thing in a woman's wardrobe. He looks great, not only at the waist, and under the breasts, and thighs. Combine it with short shorts or classic trousers, wear it over a blouse or skirt with a high waist. This accessory will allow you to become more elegant and visually lengthen your legs. Complete with cocktail dresses put on tight straps exclusively on hip.

Classic belts options allow you to adjust the size. For this purpose, they have special openings. Ideally, you need to fasten the belt on the third hole.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Try, for example, at the same time to put a few thin belts, dresses and harmony with each other in color and structure. Previously, it was important to wear matching color belt and watch. Now, this rule does not necessarily have to perform. The main thing is constantly watch so that your overall image has been completed.

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