Winter wedding: choose accessories

Winter wedding: choose accessories
 People get married and get married at all times of the year. Each season requires choosing a particular dress. To create a unique image of the bride in winter will help a variety of accessories. They are able to emphasize the style of winter wedding season.
 On winter wedding flowers should not be used as pins for hairstyles. It would be better if you make your choice on the heels or barrette with rhinestones or crystals. These ornaments are not only evoke the winter, but also support the veil or veil.

A girl who dreams to look at the wedding, like a princess tiara is fine, strewn with pearls or rhinestones. This ornament would be appropriate for a summer dress, but in the winter it will look just fine, especially if the tiara will attend beads blue.

All kinds of feathers as decorative elements for wedding hairstyles, it is recommended to use in the winter. Attached asymmetrically on one side hairstyles, they are its weightlessness and lightness will resemble snowflakes.

Veil has always been the most exquisite wedding accessories. Of course, in the winter it should be pure white, a little "powdered with" tiny pearls or rhinestones shiny.

In the winter cold is very important to look veil, which is called the cap Juliet. Attach the cap on the sides and complement it with two flowers on both sides. There are many variations of this type of veil, the main thing that was nice and warm at the same time.

Hands of a bride at all times been the object of attention, both guests and photographers. In addition to the perfect manicure and wedding ring, in the winter, you can use gloves, as a subject that attracts attention. If you dare to wear bright red gloves Snow Maiden, and your fiance - mittens of Santa Claus is the same color, it is very help your photographer to make an unforgettable winter wedding photo session.

Wedding Shoes will also vary depending on the season. Likely to be the most sought after boots or light boots white. They can be made of genuine leather, suede, trimmed with fur or not. It is important that shoes combined with a style wedding dress. Tights also have to choose, starting from the wedding attire. If a style wedding dress simple, fancy tights should be and vice versa.

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