What should be the stylish shopping bag

What should be the stylish shopping bag
 Instead of a strong shopping bag women often use plastic bags that are so easy to take at the box office, having estimated the size and weight of the purchases. But the good girl who does not need to then carry this far by the load. If you do not have a car or strong man's hands, which are always ready to help, it is better to buy a special bag for food.
 Plastic bags are often torn, their pens crawl at the most inopportune moment, for example, when you go to a crowded public transport or climb stairs. Unpleasant to collect skipping the steps oranges and lamenting the broken eggs! To avoid this from happening, get a heavy shopping shopping bag.

Girls do not like these products because they think that go with them only a pensioner. Of course, stylish women do not need a huge shapeless "sumischa" indistinct color. Today, the choice of decent shopping bags is simply huge. When you buy should pay attention to quality enhancement and its functionality.

Determine the approximate amount of products that you have to wear. Focus on him when choosing the size of the shopping bag. Do not look at very cheap models, as a rule, they are only slightly stronger package. Of all the accessories take the appropriate size for a closer study of the ones that you like in appearance.

Styles shopping bags may be different, choose the one that suits you, but do not forget about comfort. Look at the length and thickness of the pen, it is not forbidden to pull them up a bit to check for durability. The material should not be too rigid so as not to rub palms. Handle length is adjusted for your height.

In shopping bags should be separate closing pockets for small items. You can take a product with multiple offices, if you think it is more convenient. Another prerequisite - accessory should be folded into a compact bundle, you'll be wearing his usual bag.

But perhaps the most important - choose the material items for purchase. If you care about prestige, you can buy leather shopping bag. In this case, do not think about the softness and sweetness, the skin should be tight impregnated against moisture. Modern substitutes are not worse, yes, and are cheaper.

The most popular material for shopping bags is a thick textile: canvas, canvas, durable synthetic fabric. Color products are chosen for their clothes or, conversely, prefer contrasting fabric. Suitable for a young girl shopping bag with a cheerful print.

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