Wedding Flowers: how to make a bouquet

Wedding Flowers: how to make a bouquet
 Wedding bouquet - a mandatory attribute of the bride. Even on the most modest wedding bride would not give up a bunch of flowers. That it was in harmony with the appearance of its owner, emphasized its beauty and grace, with its selection must take into account even the smallest details and nuances.  
 Wedding bouquets are different: large and small, from the same or different flowers on long stems and short, white, red or pink.

First of all, pay attention to the color of the bouquet. Flowers should be either white or pink. The white color indicates the purity and tenderness of the bride, pink - her youth. From this it follows that the ladies older and not marrying for the first time should choose flowers red. Commonly used flowers, but there are also artificial, if a girl wants to keep the bouquet of a long memory.

If a girl is petite, her suit is small and neat bouquet, if it is characterized by high growth - a bouquet of flowers with a large high stems. Last, it is desirable to supplement hanging down flowers and greenery.

As a decoration for a bouquet fit lace tape, strip guipure, tulle, silk and rep tape. Often used in the design patterns of beads, planted on the wire. The groom can be added to suit boutonniere - a small bunch of the same colors that the bride's bouquet, inserted in a buttonhole. If the couple decide to adorn themselves with wreaths for their preparation are perfect lilies and wheat ears. To decorate the wedding car - gladiolus, daffodils and camellias.

Traditional bouquets are composed of gladiolus, roses and calla lilies. There are bunches of lilies of the valley and bells, at least - of orange blossom. Much love enjoy myrtle flowers. Despite the fact that they are unattractive and homely they are shiny and aromatic leaves. Myrtle - a traditional flower wedding bouquets royal personages.

One of the latest fashion - wedding bouquet of only one flower. As of this flower is best suited lily as a symbol of innocence and purity, luxury and elegance, a sign of sophisticated taste.

Be sure and check in advance whether your groom's allergic to flowers. If it is, it is necessary to cover a bouquet of white veil. Do not forget to check the prices: in different flower shops and showrooms, they vary widely. In order to save yourself, you can make a bouquet, but a great day it is better not to risk it and order the work to professionals. By the way, the order must be made within two weeks to the masters did not have to do it from what it is.

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