Selection of accessories for the evening along

Selection of accessories for the evening along
 Selection of accessories for evening dress is required in order to outfit looked spectacular. The main mistake women is the use of a large amount of jewelry that shows a lack of taste.
 The best option is to have two or three pieces of jewelry that focus on individual parts of a woman's body. The most difficult to find the right accessories for your neck and wrist. For example, in the first case it can be a chain, decorative ribbons, beads, pendants, necklaces, etc. For the V-neck of the dress is advisable to choose a similar shape pendant (a triangle) for O-neck - a massive chain or necklace around her neck. Under the bustier dress is recommended to choose jewelry that repeats bust line. For dresses, which have different decorations (shuttlecocks, draperies, stones, embroidery, bows) at the top, decorations on the neck would be inappropriate. The same goes for an evening dress, which has an American armhole or asymmetrical neckline.

Decorations on hand represent different bracelets, watches, chains, etc. It is usually necessary to select an accessory for the hand only when the gown has no long hoses. Effectively will look dress in antique style, when the bracelet is on the line of the forearm, because they create an original image of women in the medieval period.

The most common accessories for evening dress is elegant handbag and shoes. Color accessories mainly chosen in one color to emphasize the elegance and style of dress silhouette. Can also be used stockings or tights, gloves, hats, belts, etc.

Typically, the bag must be tiny, so as not to burden the image. Shoes are selected mainly on the heel or platform to give the legs slender and long. The best option may be considered high heels that are relevant at almost any time and fit to almost any shapes and styles of evening dresses.

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